Jul 02, 2017 | Keith Crosby

Decoding Jesus: What is the Message of Jesus? (Part 3)

Proposition: Understand four realities about the message of Jesus as it relates to the assurance of salvation so that you can encourage and engage yourself and others.

I  Rejoice that assurance of salvation is a fact, not a feeling.
John 3:36a ∙ John 1:12-23 ∙ John 5:24 ∙ Mark 9:24

II  Understand that some are naïve about assurance of salvation.
John 3:36b ∙ Luke 6:46 ∙ Matthew 7:21-23 ∙ 2 Corinthians 5:17

III  Recognize that Saving Faith Produces Fruit (Works).
John 3:36 ∙ John 15:8 ∙ Matthew 7:15-16 ∙ James 2:19

IV  Find comfort that your salvation can be assured.
John 3:36a ∙ 1 John 5:11-13 ∙ Romans 8:38-39 ∙ John 10:27-29 ∙ John 11:25-26


1  If you cut the John 3:36 into two parts, the message of Jesus is stated positively, first, and then negatively. Based on what the words say, how would you explain the message of Jesus according to John 3:36?

2  Some say, “there’s belief and then there’s belief.” Looking at John 3:36, think through the difference in lifestyle between mental assent and belief that involves the whole person.

3  How does belief affect obedience? If you believe the warning sign that says, “Slow, danger ahead,” would you accelerate your vehicle or slow down? What would not slowing down indicate about your belief? What would slowing down say about your belief?

4  Relate all this to John 3:36 and what it has to say about assurance of salvation and the message of Jesus.

Resource: The Gospel According to Jesus: What Is Authentic Faith? by John MacArthur.

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